Friday, February 15, 2013

Democrat and Chronicle, February 9, 2013, Saturday

Democrat and Chronicle

February 9, 2013, Saturday

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Slain 1913 striker's struggle continues

“The least we can do, in Ida Breiman’s memory, is to remind our community of the sacrifices workers have made in order to win a voice in the workplace,” said Linda Donahue, a senior extension associate at Cornell University’s ILR school who spoke at the memorial.“Although Ida died in the struggle of 1913, the struggle itself continues.”

MSN Money, February 7, 2013, Thursday

MSN Money

February 7, 2013, Thursday

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Workers with Disabilities Add Business Benefits

The report was prepared by The Conference Board Research Working Group for Improving Employee Outcomes for People with Disabilities – a project funded in part by the Employment and Disability Institute at Cornell University ILR School under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, with additional funding from member companies of The Conference Board.

Susanne Bruyere, director of Cornell University's Employment and Disability Institute and contributing expert to the report, confirmed that "employers also report a number of indirect benefits that can result from hiring employees with disabilities, such as increased overall morale, productivity, safety, interactions with customers, and attendance."

Bloomington Pantagraph, February 2, 2013, Saturday

Bloomington Pantagraph

February 2, 2013, Saturday

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If not unions, then what?

However, too few of us were ever able to grab onto this economic life boat. It turns out that it is difficult to form a union, and employers have shrewdly upped their resistance over the decades. Employers routinely fire, harass and threaten workers who want to form unions, and U.S. labor law is too weak to stop them, according to Kate Bronfenbrenner at Cornell University. In fact, in 2000 Human Rights Watch declared that U.S. workers have effectively lost the freedom to form a union. However, labor law reform does not seem to be in the Obama administration forecast for the second term.

Dimensions, February 2013


February 2013

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Driven by a Sense of Public Service

“My experience in banking, law, and education allows me to see life from different perspectives and prepared me for what I’m doing today,” says Laura Hertzog, currently the Director of Diversity & Inclusion Programs in the Manhattan office of Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

WorldatWork's workspan magazine, February 2013

WorldatWork's workspan magazine

February 2013

An monthly column in workspan® applying scholarly research to the "real world" by ICS Director Kevin Hallock.

Pay and Relative Income Within Couples

Love, marriage and compensation

WYPR, January 30, 2013 Wednesday


January 30, 2013 Wednesday

WYPR (full podcast)

The Pay Gap

In his inauguration speech, President Obama highlighted equal pay for women as a priority for his second term. It has been 50 years since another Democratic president, John F. Kennedy, signed the Equal Pay Act, which mandated compensation equality between the sexes. While women have made gains in pay, they still lag 18 to 20 percent behind their male peers. Our guests: Linda Barrington, managing director of the Institute for Compensation Studies at Cornell;  Phillip Cohen, professor of sociology at the University of Maryland and author of the Family Inequality blog; and Kate C. Farrar director of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Campus Leadership Programs.