Wednesday, July 16, 2014

POLITICO, June 30, 2014, Monday


June 30, 2014, Monday

POLITICO (full article)

Hillary Clinton's money problem — Banks vulnerable to high borrower debt

“Some observers say Clinton’s real trouble is not the amount of money she and her husband have racked up — The Washington Post reported that Bill Clinton has made $104.9 million in speaking fees since leaving office — but how they made it, mostly through massive checks for talking to special interest groups. Stopping the speeches now might help Clinton, observers say, but that won’t change the money that’s already in the bank. ‘How have they made all this money? Speaking fees? Book advances? These are not the ways that Americans are comfortable with Americans making a lot of money,’ said Louis Hyman, a historian of capitalism at Cornell. “There is no way her wealth can reflect on her doing better for other people. It’s not like she became rich through the creation of a business that employs a lot of people.