Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report, August 17, 2012, Friday

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report

August 17, 2012, Friday

Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report

Cornell ILR School Launching Institute To Link Labor Educators, Practitioners

Set for Sept. 12, the launch comes at a “historic juncture” in a period of crisis and conflict over organized labor and worker issues, Lowell Turner, the institute's academic director, told reporters at a briefing. The think-tank project aims to bring together some 100 experts to offer evidence-based research to inform the growing debate and work with practitioners, he said...

Jeff Grabelsky, director of the Cornell ILR Construction Industry Program, said that after two years of planning, the launch has taken on “a sense of urgency” given the growing national debate over issues of collective representation, working conditions, and income inequality...

Marc D. Bayard, Worker Institute executive director, said that in the intersection between labor and environmental issues, the institute plans to develop indices to measure the number and type of green jobs created by retrofitting and other environmental protection projects.
“We want to apply the expertise of our economists and engineers to improve on the ‘guesstimates,' ”
he said, “so when officials say this will create so many jobs, we'll know what that means and what those jobs will actually look like.”