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CNN Money, April 1, 2014, Tuesday

CNN Money 

April 1, 2014, Tuesday 

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In Battling German Unions, Will Amazon Emulate Walmart?

Though Amazon's run-ins with Germany's retail worker union mirror Wal-Mart's, the online retailer seems to have a lot more at stake. While Wal-Mart failed to gain traction in Germany -- seven years in it had captured just 2% of German food sales and sold its stores at a $1 billion loss -- Amazon's sales have soared in the country -- by about 12% in 2013 -- making Germany the online retailer's second-biggest market behind the U.S.
"The trade unions have a lot of bargaining power," says Lowell Turner, director of The Worker Institute at Cornell University. "Germany is a big market for Amazon. This is going to keep happening until Amazon gets its act together."