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The Courier, February 25, 2013, Monday

The Courier

February 25, 2013, Monday

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Auto boom means dramatic growth for Nissin Brake

But a quality slump is an age-old challenge of all manufacturers in booms, said Arthur Wheaton, director of Cornell University's Western New York Labor and Environmental Programs.

"It's always a balance between quantity and quality," Wheaton said. "They're trying to crank out as many as they can to try to keep apace. But working overtime to work even faster, it's almost inevitable that you will have some issues with quality."

The culture does change when the workforce gets bigger, said Pamela Tolbert, chairman and professor of organizational behavior at Cornell University's Industrial and Labor Relations School.

"Size is highly related to bureaucratization. As organizations get bigger, they get much more formalized because communication becomes more problematic," she said. Written memos become more common in communication.